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TIUM Solutions provides high quality VR contents easily and quickly by using 3D design/design data produced
during the development of products.
We have most advanced VR contents production experience and know-how, and more variation productions in
shorter time is possible when producing the contents. Immediate action can be taken to the editing and
supplementing request since effective production for various application is possible, and data security and market
accessibility are excellent.

TIUM Solutions provides the customers with the best quality from various experiences and know-how—by using 3D CAD data which is used in designing stage, we have many experiences in image production for evaluation, 3D
image production, high quality image production, etc.

The realization of environment which is impossible in real world and the output of high quality are quickly provided by using 3D data.

From homepage and web, we are providing the contents that you can change options of model and quotation
system, and the contents that you can check massive data interactively with the short loading time on the mobile.

We provide the optimized solution to enable the various high quality contents from the web.

Production of interactive contents, including 3D education manual, 3D catalogue, installation education manual, etc., that can be utilized in various ways is possible and the development of application with various purpose is also

Through the educational contents and structural explanation based on interactive animation, users can understand
it quicker.

Kiosk contents is provided by producing variations of product / information.

We produce high quality contents by using various interactive display equipment and AR/VR solution.

TIUM Solutions suggests the insight appropriate for the needs of customer, and provides the content that the
customer wants in a various expression technique differentiated.
Based on the unequaled technical skill in nuclear energy and automobile area, personnel specialized in each area
are expanding the imaging contents business using CG, and we are targeting to produce and provide the various
form of digital contents by using an innovative technology with a company mind always open to a new idea.

We set up a complete comprehensive marketing strategy from the idea to the production, and perform an image
content planning and producing business based on the R&D and technical skill in imaging.


  • Based on the new idea, concept art and storytelling, advertisement strategies and commercial
    imaging optimized for all media environment and target customers are planned.
  • PD / PM / AD


  • Based on the R&D and technical skill in imaging, we produce a differentiated image content that
    the customer is looking for.
  • 2D Designer / 3D Designer / Compositor

All media contents designs based on the motion graphic, including advertisement, broadcasting design, animation,
film, interactive design, etc., are within our business range.